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What is WebP?

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

So if you haven’t heard, Google has announce a new image format for the web. This new format is called WebP. It is Google’s attempt to create a faster loading image that is similar to the current JPEG image format.

WebP has many similarities to the current JPEG format. Google’s development team found a way to compress the image quality to such a compact size that it actually speeds up load time over the web. This is a 39% reduction from its JPEG counterpart.

Check out and compare the difference between JPEG and the new WebP formats at google’s gallery.

WebP is based on open source technologies. This gives the new Google format a chance in the browser image world. New browser patches are in the process of being released to get Google Chrome up to speed. The browser will support the new image format. Soon after we can look to Mozilla, Opera, Apple, and Microsoft to catch on. This may take a while to catch on. The future of the web is turning to a faster more compressed version of graphics, video, and code. We will just have to wait and see what impact this new webP format will have.

To read more on Google’s WebP image format, you can check out their post on Chromium blog. Check out more from us at Web Design Chicago.